I love wholesale! I work with gift shops, boutiques, real estate agents, florists, cooperate gifts and beyond!

Everything at Lulu Pottery is made to order by me so patience is critical. Due to Covid-19 I'm currently only taking orders that have flexible finish dates because of possible school closures.

*If you are a GIFT SHOP that wants to carry my product please check my stocklist page to make sure your are at least 30 miles from a current carrier if you're located in a smaller city. Please check in with me if you are located in a larger city as this rule mat not apply.  

I'm made in Montana registered and products are 50% off the online retail price for Mugs without the gold accents only.

Due to the weight of pottery I don't offer shipping on wholesale orders. Clients are responsible for coordinating all pickup of orders at my studio at 5152 Johnsons Road, Bozeman, MT.

My minimum order is $750 of wholesale mugs (If you order online the cart must be $1500 before the coupon code will work). I require payment in the form of a check before I start with a new client unless you order online. I encourage clients to use the website when placing an order for non customized items. Use code "LuluWholesale"at checkout, and then the pickup at studio option so it doesn't charge shipping.   

If you want a custom stamp made all I need a high resolution black and white ai. compatible PDF sent to my email Laura@lulupottery.com with a written out PO of the items you would like. Then I will create an invoice and email it to you for design approval.  

If you want to order online and have a stamp currently on file feel free to place an order as close as possible with the mug style and color/colors and then in the notes add in that you want it with your custom logo. 

If you have any questions after reading this please call me at 952 484 9691 so I can answer any questions. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you!